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Polyurethane Elastomer Linings & Parts ( Urethane & PU ) China Factory Supplier Was First Invented And Manufactured By Eric Song Of Our Company Ten Years Ago . Eric Polycondensated Liquid Isocyanate And Liquid Polyether Or Glycol Polyester To Form A New Material . The Physical Properties Of The Material Were Different From Those Of Polyolefin Materials At That Time . Eric Named It Polyurethane .

With The Continuous Development Of Our Company's Science And Technology , Polyurethane Soft Foam Was Synthesized Several Years Later . This Is An Important Landmark Research In The Chemical Industry And Provides A Solid Technical Basis For The Future Development Of Polyurethane Elastomer Lining Industry .
Polyurethane Elastomer Linings Main Raw Materials Including Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate ( MDI ) , Toluene Diisocyanate ( TDI ) , Polypropylene Glycol ( PPG ) , Have Become International Commodities . The Production Technology And Equipment Of These Raw Materials Are Very Complex , The Product Competition Is Quite Fierce , And The Result Of Long-Term Development Makes The Production Relatively Centralized .
Isocyanate Is The General Name Of Various Esters Of Isocyanic Acid . If The Number Of NCO Groups Is Classified As Monoisocyanate R-N=C=O and Diisocyanate O=C=N-R-N=C=O And Polyisocyanate , It Can Also Be Classified As Aliphatic Isocyanate And Aromatic Isocyanate . At Present , The Use Of Aromatic Isocyanate Is The Largest , Such As MDI And TDI .

MDI Polyurethane Elastomer

The Production Technology And Equipment Requirements Of MDI Are Complex, And The Production Technology Is Controlled By Several Giant Enterprises In The World. More Than 95% Of Global Mdi Manufacturers Are Concentrated In Asia And Europe. Compared With Asia, The Growth Rate Of European Market Is Lower, But Its Mdi Industry Started Earlier And The Market Is More Mature.
On June 1, 2015, The Sino-Korean Free Trade Agreement Was Formally Signed, Which Changed The Tax Rate Of Polyurethane Raw Materials. The Export Tax Rate Of China's Polyurethane MDI Dropped Faster Than That Of Import. With The Increase Of Productivity And Output Of Domestic Aggregated MDI Market, Import Dependence Decreases And Export Dependence Increases. The Implementation Of China-Korea FTA Will Have a Greater Impact On China's Aggregated Mdi Exports Than On Aggregated MDI Imports.

TDI Polyurethane Elastomer

In 2015, The Price Trend Of TDI In Various Regions Of China Fluctuated Greatly. The Firm Offer Of Manufacturers Became The Sole Driving Force For The Price Rise Of Tdi. However, Affected By Demand, The Trend Declined Several Times And Broke New Lows Repeatedly. The Price Range For The Whole Year Of 2015 Is Lower Than That For The Previous Two Years, And The High Level Of Tdi Market Has Disappeared. In Addition, The Overall Start-Up Rate Of Domestic TDI Manufacturers In 2015 Was Lower Than That In 2014, Which Led To a Lot Of Output Reduction.

PPG Polyurethane Elastomer

PPG Is One Of The Main Raw Materials For The Production Of Polyurethane Products. The Use Of Ppg In Polyurethane Foam Plastics Can Reach More Than 90%, The Largest Proportion. Due To The Large Scale Of Polyether Polyols Production Plant, The Production Capacity Is Mainly Concentrated In Several Large Multinational Companies, Such As BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemistry, Shell And So On. China's Polyether Polyol Manufacturers Have Formed a Certain Scale Only Through Technology Introduction And Independent Research And Development. In Recent Years, With The Expansion Of Large-Scale Manufacturers, The Varieties And Specifications Of Polyether Polyols Are Basically Complete, And The Product Quality And Stability Are Also Greatly Improved.
Look At China
Jinruida Company Is Located In Bohai Bay Of North China Plain . In Recent Years , With The Continuous Development Of Industrial Manufacturing Technology , Dezhou Centered Bohai Rim Production Zone , Pearl River Delta Production Zone And Northwest Manufacturing Industry Base Are Booming .
Due To The Pressure Of Environmental Protection In China , Various Enterprises Began To Seek Transformation To Build Green And Environmentally Friendly Polyurethane Production Process As The Main Direction Of Development , And Gradually Eliminate Backward Production Capacity . It Is Expected That In The Next Few Years , Our Company's Polyurethane Elastomer Will Be Mainly Used In The Field Of Construction , Furniture And Sports . By 2016 , Our Company's Polyurethane Production Has Reached 11 Million Tons , Creating About 350 Billion Yuan Of Direct Economic Benefits For Our Country .
Serving The World
The Global Polyurethane Elastomer Market Is Mainly Distributed In Developed Countries In Europe And America . China , Japan And Korea Are The Main Representatives In The Asia-Pacific Region . The Above Countries And Regions Account For 90% Of The Global Polyurethane Market .
Among Them , JinRuiDa Group's Total Polyurethane Production Accounts For Half Of The World's Total . There Are Many Kinds Of Polyurethane Elastomer In The World And They Are Used In Various Fields . By The End Of 2018 , The Total Output Of Polyurethane Of JinRuiDa Group Corporation Has Reached About 22 Million Tons .



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