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Polyurethane Lined Pipe From JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Is Very Popular In Wear-Resistant Applications. Polyurethane Also Named As Poly Urethane ( PU For Short ) . Polyurethane Linings Is The Products That Making Polyurethane Lined Into The Interior Of A Circular Steel Skeleton , Such As Polyurethane Lined Pipe , Elbow Piping , Pipeline Spooling Works , Or Polyurethane Lined Tank Or Polyurethane Lined Vessels . Or Other Steel Frame Inside Need Be Connect With Polyurethane Liner . Mainly Uses The Wear Resistance Of Polyurethane , Plays The Role Of Resistance To Wear And Protection Of Steel Skeleton .

Polyurethane Coatings Is Our Productions That Bonding The Polyurethane On The Surface Of Steel / Aluminium Alloy / Metal Frameworks . It Mainly Makes Use Of The High Elastic Properties Of Polyurethane And Plays A Buffering Role . In This Way , It Can Resist The Impact From The Outside And Protect The Attached Parts .

CPU Is JinRuiDa Industry Solutions . , LTD Main Productions , CPU Means Casting Poly Urethane . Besides Linings And Coatings . Polyurethane Mold Castings Parts Also Is Our Main Business . Almost All PU Parts Need To Make New Mold And Cast It .
Polyurethane Has Too Many Forms Of Existence . Our Business Is Casting Polyurethane Elastomer , Offer PU Linings Or CPU Coatings .

The Physical Characteristics Of Polyurethane Linings Have Obvious Advantages , Which Are Compatible With The Dual Characteristics Of Plastic And Rubber Materials . Polyurethane Linings Can Be Processed By Any Traditional Process Of Polymer Materials According To The Environmental Requirements . Such As Mixing Molding, Liquid Casting , Melting Injection , Extrusion , Calendering , Blow Molding , Polyurethane Coating , Spinning And Mechanical Processing . Polyurethane Linings Are Widely Used In Many Industries .

(1) A Wide Range Of Hardness . It Also Has Excellent Rubber Elasticity And Elongation At High Hardness .

(2) High Strength . Under The Hardness Of Rubber , The Tensile Strength And Tear Strength Of Polyurethane Are Much Higher Than Those Of Natural Rubber , And The Impact Strength And Bending Strength Of Polyurethane Are Much Higher Than Those Of Plastics Under The Hardness Of Plastics .

(3) The Physical Characteristics Can Be Adjusted In A Wide Range . Many Physical And Mechanical Function Indicators Can Be Changed In A Certain Range Through The Selection Of Raw Materials And The Adjustment Of Formulation To Satisfy The Different Needs Of Users For Product Functions .

(4) Wear Resistance . It Has a Good Name Of " Wear-Resistant Rubber " .

(5) Oil Resistance . The Oil Resistance Of Polyester Polyurethane Elastomer Is No Less Than That Of Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber , Which Is Equivalent To That Of Polysulfide Rubber .

(6) Excellent Ozone Resistance , Working In High Ozone Environment , There Will Still Be No Obvious Aging Phenomenon .

(7) It Has Good Shock Absorption , Radiation Resistance And Air Permeability .

(8) Various Processing Methods And Wide Applicability .

These Advantages Are The Reason Why Polyurethane Are Widely Used In Military , Aerospace , Acoustics, Biology And Other Fields .

Any Polyurethane Products Need , Contact Us By Email : office@polyurethanelinedpipe.com / We Will Contact You With The Most Professional Technical Service Staff .



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