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  • Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU )
Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU )

Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU )

  • Length : 6 M
  • Polyurethane Liner : PPG
  • Steel ERW Pipe
  • DN 250 To DN 1200
  • Product description: Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : office@polyurethanelinedpipe.com .ASME B16.5 ASTM A53: Working
Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe Is Mainly Used In Large-Diameter Transmission Pipeline, Generally Dn500 Or Above, And Welded Steel Pipe Is Used In The Diameter That Seamless Steel Pipe Can Not Reach. In Order To Ensure The Transmission Pressure, The Steel Pipe Wall And Polyurethane Inner Lining Will Be Thickened To Ensure a Longer Working Life.
Polyurethane Lined ERW Steel Pipe Is A Series Of Elastomer Materials Containing More Carbamate Groups On The Main Chain Of The Polymer. It Is Actually Polycarbamate Rubber, Called Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe Or Ammol Rubber (Urethane Rubber) Or Polyurethane Elastomer.
In Addition To Carbamate Groups, Polymer Chains Also Contain Ester Groups, Ether Groups, Urea, Aryl And Fat Chains. It Is Usually Composed Of Oligomer Polyols, Polyisocyanates And Chain Extenders. Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe Has Different Structure And Variety Types With Different Raw Materials And Proportioning, Reaction Methods And Conditions.
The Code Name (Ur) Is Made Up Of Polyester (Or Polyether) And Two Isocyanate Compounds. Its Chemical Structure Is More Complex Than The General Elastic Polymer. Besides The Repeated Carbamate Groups, The Molecular Chains Often Contain Ester, Ether, Aromatic And Other Groups.
The Main Chain Of Ur Is Composed Of Flexible Chain Segments And Rigid Chain Segments, And The Flexible Segments Are Also Called Soft Segments, Consisting Of Oligomers Polyols, Such As Polyester, Polyether, Polybutadiene, Etc., Rigid Chain Segments Are Also Called Hard Chains, And The Reaction Products Of Diisocyanate (Such As Tdi, Mdi, Etc.) And Small Molecular Chain Extenders, Such As Two Amines And Diols, Etc. Composition.
The Proportion Of Soft Chain Segments Is More Than That Of Hard Chain Segments. The Polarity And Strength Of The Soft And Hard Segment Are Different, The Hard Segment Is Very Strong, And It Is Easy To Gather Together. Many Microregions Are Formed In The Soft Segment Phase. It Is Called The Microphase Separation Structure. The Physical And Mechanical Properties Of It Have A Great Relationship With The Degree Of Microphase Separation. Ur Molecules Have High Strength And High Elasticity Due To Hydrogen Bond Interaction.
The Traditional Classification Of Polyurethane Elastomers Is Divided According To Processing Methods, Which Are Divided Into Castable Polyurethane Elastomer, Mixed Polyurethane Elastomer And Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer.
The Reaction Injection Polyurethane Elastomer (Rimpu) And The Solution Dispersed Polyurethane Elastomer Are Also Presented Because Of The Different Raw Materials, Synthesis And Processing Methods As Well As The Application Purposes.
According To The Form, They Are Divided Into Solid System And Liquid System. There Are Also Chemical Components Of Raw Materials, Generally With Polyester Or Polyether Types, And Polyether Polyurethane Elastomers And Polyester Polyurethane Elastomers.
(1) Wear Resistance Is Excellent And Wear Resistance Is The Highest Among All Rubber. Laboratory Tests Showed That The Wear Resistance Of Ur Is 3~5 Times That Of Natural Rubber, And Its Application Is Often 10 Times Higher Than That Of Natural Rubber.
(2) High Strength And Good Elasticity In The Hardness Range Of Shao A60 To Shao A70.
(3) Good Cushioning And Shock Absorption. Room Temperature, Ur Absorber Can Absorb 10%~20% Vibration Energy, The Higher The Vibration Frequency, The Greater The Energy Absorption.
(4) Good Oil Resistance And Good Drug Resistance. Ur Is Less Compatible With Non Polar Mineral Oils And Is Almost Uneroded In Fuel Oil (Such As Kerosene, Gasoline) And Mechanical Oil (Such As Hydraulic Oil, Oil, Lubricating Oil, Etc.). It Is Much Better Than General Rubber And Can Be Comparable To Nbr. The Disadvantages Are Swelling In Alcohols, Esters, Ketones And Aromatics.
(5) The Coefficient Of Friction Is High, And It Is Generally Above 0.5.
(6) Low Temperature Resistance, Ozone Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Electrical Insulation And Good Adhesion.
Vulcanization System
The Vulcanizing Agent Has Three Kinds Of Isocyanate, Peroxide And Sulphur. The Commonly Used Varieties Of Isocyanate Are Tdi And Its Two Polymer, Mdi Two Polymer And Papi, Etc., And Can Produce Urea Based Formic Acid Ester Bond Crosslinking Bond (Easy To Absorb Water And Pay Attention To Environmental Humidity In Use), And Can Produce Good Wear Resistance, High Strength And Hardness Products.
The Peroxidation Two Isopropyl Benzene (Dcp) Is The Most Common Peroxide Vulcanizing Agent. The Peroxide Vulcanized Pue Products Have Good Dynamic Properties, The Compression Permanent Deformation Is Small, The Elasticity And Aging Resistance Are Good, The Disadvantage Is That The Steam Can Not Be Vulcanized Directly With Steam And The Tear Strength Is Poor.
Pue Containing Unsaturated Chain Can Be Vulcanized By Sulphur System. The Dosage Is Generally 1.5~2, The Accelerator M And Dm Are The Most Commonly Used, Generally In 6 Parts, And The Comprehensive Properties Of Vulcanized Products Are Better.
Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe Can Be Applied To Track And Field Plastic Track Sports Venues, Including Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton And Tennis Courts. There Are Two Types Of Indoor And Outdoor Sports. This Plastic Site Is Longer Than Wood Flooring For A Long Time. It Is Also Suitable For Wear Resistance, Oil Resistance, Weathering And Aging. It Has Good Shock Absorption Properties And Can Be Adhered To Grass-Roots.
Polyurethane Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe Has Excellent Oil Resistance And Is Also Used As An Oil Resistant Cylinder. Because Of Its Excellent Performance, Other Alloys Can Be Used In The Automotive Industry, Which Can Be Applied To Automobile Bumpers, Steering Wheel And Automotive Peripheral Parts.
Secondly, Because Of Its Advantages Of Low Wear, High Friction Coefficient And Low Noise, The Transmission Device Made By Him Has A Steady Speed. Therefore, The Conveyer Belt Used In Coal And Mine Can Be Made Of Polyurethane Mixing Rubber. The High Hardness Polyurethane Casting Glue Can Be Used As Gear Mercury Gear, Which Has The Characteristics Of Stable Transfer Of Liquid.
It Is Also Used With Lining And Protection Layer For Non Metal Automobile Antiskid Chain And High Rise Building Lining, High Pressure Seal And High Pressure Water ERW Welded Steel Pipe; It Can Reduce Cost And Beauty In Shoe Making; It Can Be Used As Aircraft Thin-Wall Oil Tank, Oil Proof Seal, Dust Proof Seal, Electric Cable Street, Electronic Components And Printed Circuit. Potting Material, And Can Be Used As An Ideal Shockproof Rubber, At The Same Time, It Also Has A Wide Range Of Uses In Human Organs And Medical Appliances.

Second, It Is Also Used In The Field Of National Defense Industry, Such As Polyurethane Insulation Materials In Space System, With Excellent Adhesive Strength And High Strength.



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