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  • Polyurethane Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping ( Urethane & PU )
Polyurethane Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping ( Urethane & PU )

Polyurethane Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping ( Urethane & PU )

  • Type:Concentric Reducer
  • Materials:A 53
  • PU Liner: 12 MM
  • Size : DN 450 ~ DN 250
  • Product description: Polyurethane Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping ( Urethane & PU ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : office@polyurethanelinedpipe.com .ASME B16.5 ASTM A53: Work

Polyurethane Lined Reducer Is Used To Adjust The Flow Diameter Of The Polyurethane Lined Pipeline . Of Course, It Can Also Adjust The Flow Rate Of The Pipeline To a Certain Extent. According To The Flow Direction Of The Medium Conveying Abrasive Fluid, The Polyurethane Lined Reducing Piping Can Be Used To Enlarge The Fluid Diameter Or Reduce The Flow Diameter.

Expanding Fluid Caliber: That Is To Say, The Fluid Medium Flows From Small End To Large End, The Conveying Caliber Is Enlarged, The Speed Is Reduced, The Wear Force Is Reduced, And The Pressure Is Reduced. Generally, It Is Applied To Branch Flow To Main Pipeline. Multiple Pumps Convey a Pipeline. Pumping Stations That Discharge Slag Fluids Are The Most Widely Used.

Reducing Fluid Caliber: Fluid Medium Flows From Big Head To Small Head, Conveying Caliber Decreases, Speed Increases, Wear Strength Increases, And Pressure Increases At The Same Time. Usually, It Can Be Applied To Discharge Pipe Fittings At The End Of Pipeline, Such As Tailing Dam Outlet, Polyurethane Lined Nozzle ( Polyurethane Nozzle ) Belongs To a Special Type Of Polyurethane Lined Reducing Piping.

Polyurethane Lining Reducer Can Be Divided Into Concentric Reducer And Eccentric Reducer From The Shape And Structure. It Can Be Selected According To The Actual Working Environment, If Polyurethane Lined Pipe And Fitting Are Used Close To The Ground, Or Buried Underground. Usually, Polyurethane Lined Eccentric Reducer Are Used. If The High-Altitude Bracket Is Used, The Polyurethane Lined Concentric Reducer Is Used.



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