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  • Polyurethane Lined Tee & Y-Pipe ( Urethane & PU )
Polyurethane Lined Tee & Y-Pipe ( Urethane & PU )

Polyurethane Lined Tee & Y-Pipe ( Urethane & PU )

  • Connection:Flange
  • Pipe Materials:A 53
  • PU Liner: 90 Shore A
  • Max Length: 6000MM
  • Product description: Polyurethane Lined Tee & Y-Pipe ( Urethane & PU ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : office@polyurethanelinedpipe.com . 90 Shore A Polyurethane Liner Make Su

Polyurethane Lined Tee And Y-Pipe Are One Of The Most Important Polyurethane Lined Fittings In The Whole Polyurethane Lined Pipeline . As An Important Part Of Wear-Resistant Pipeline, Polyurethane Lined Piping Fitting Wear Most Seriously In The Whole Polyurethane Pipe Line . Polyurethane Lined Y-Piping Are Generally Divided Into Shunt Tees And Confluence Tees.

Different Diameter Size Type: Polyurethane Lined Equal Tee And Polyurethane Lined Reducing Tee . It Also Is Fitting Spool Works Of Polyurethane Lined Pipe .

Polyurethane Lined Shunt Tee: Refers To The Main Pipe To Piping Branch Flow, Under The Impact Of High-Speed Wear Media, The Lower Bifurcation Wear Is The Most Serious. In Order To Prolong Its Working Life, We Use Thicker Polyurethane Lining In This Part, So As To Improve Its Wear Resistance And Ensure The Normal Working State Of The Pipeline.

Polyurethane Lined Confluence Tee: Refers To A Branch Or Multiple Branches Flow To The Main Pipe At The Same Time, Which Is Most Common In The Process Pipeline Of Pumping Station. On The Inner Wall Of The Main Pipe Opposite To The Branch, Due To The Impact Of Tributary Wear Fluid For a Long Time, The Wear Is The Most Serious. In Order To Overcome This Drawback, We Are Here To Thicken The Polyurethane Linings .



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