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  • Polyurethane Pipe & Piping & Pipeline ( Urethane & PU )
Polyurethane Pipe & Piping & Pipeline ( Urethane & PU )

Polyurethane Pipe & Piping & Pipeline ( Urethane & PU )

  • Out Diameter : 250 MM
  • Inner Diameter : 100 MM
  • Length : 2000mm
  • Polyurethane : 92 Shore A
  • Product description: Polyurethane Pipe ( Urethane Piping & PU Pipeline ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : office@polyurethanelinedpipe.com .ASME B16.5 ASTM A53: Working Service

Polyurethane Pipe Produced By JinRuiDa Company Is a PU Die Casting Parts , So The Pipe Wall Is Usually Very Thick ( Generally More Than 100 Millimeters ) , But The Length Is Not Too Long ( Generally Less Than 3 Meters ) . Although This Products Are Named As Pipes , But They Usually Do Not Convey Media . Instead , It Is Used As a Protective Device To Protect Ropes Or Other Rope-Like Objects In The Pipe .

The Main Reason Why Polyurethane Is Not Used As a Transport Medium Is That The Price Of Polyurethane Is Relatively Expensive . If It Is Used To Transport Wear-Resistant Media , We Must Use Our Company's Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipe. Polyurethane Alone , Although It Can Also Play A Role In Wear Resistance , But Can Not Provide Adequate Transport Pressure . When The Inner Part Of The Polyurethane Pipe Is Worn Out, The Pressure Of The Whole Polyurethane Pipe Becomes Smaller . So It Will Bring Serious Waste .

As A Kind Of Protective Device , Polyurethane Pipe Has Been Applied In Many Fields . Alpine Ropeways , Ocean Fishing , And Cable Installation In Daily Life . The So-Called Transport Medium Is Used To Reflect The Humidity And Wear Resistance Of Polyurethane Linings , And Here Is The Wear Resistance Of Polyurethane In Dry Environment .

Compared With Rubber Pipe, Plastic Pipe And Metal Pipe, The Wear Resistance Of Polyurethane Pipe Is Very Obvious In Severe Wear Environment. It Has Excellent Durability .

In Many Applications, Pipelines Made Of Polyurethane Elastomer Have Better Wear Resistance Than Other Elastomers, So There Are Few Materials And More Products Are Produced .

In Addition , As A Kind Of Polyurethane Protectors Of Telescopic Device , The Natural Lubrication Function Of Polyurethane Surface Also Provides Better Performance For Its Application. If You Have The Demand For This Kind Of Polyurethane Elastomer Pipe Products, Please Contact Us .



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