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Polyurethane Nozzle Jet ( Urethane & PU ) China Factory Supplier

Polyurethane Nozzle Jet Is a Kind Of High Performance Nozzle With Wear Resistance And Corrosion Resistance. It Is Widely Used In Wet Sprayer Nozzle And Mud Pump Nozzle. Polyurethane Nozzle Is a Key Component In Many Spray , Fuel Injection , Sandblasting , Spraying And Other Equipment, And Plays An Important Role.

The Sprinkler Produced By Our Company Adopts Polyurethane Casting Process , 90 Shore A High Wear Resistant Polyurethane. After Production, Oven Heat Preservation Processing More Than 16 Hours, Product Quality Is Stable. Our Company's Technical Sales Staff Will Communicate With Customers At Any Time About The Use Status And Improvement Opinions, Modify The Sprinkler Die, Lengthen And Thicken The Sprinkler Products, In Order To Achieve Customer Satisfaction. All Kinds Of Sprinklers Are Tested By Strict Wear Resistance Test And Blasting Test.

In a Word, Polyurethane Nozzles As Polyurethane Casting Parts Are Widely Used In Almost Every Field.

1) Cleaning (Also Known As Surface Cleaning)

a. Chemical Cleaning Of Automobiles, Motorcycles, Household Appliances And Other Pretreatments, Automobile Cleaning;

b. High-Pressure Cleaning Of Bottles And Barrels, Such As Beer Bottles, Oil Barrels, Large-Sized Tanks And Other Internal Surfaces;

c. Chemical Cleaning Of The External Surface Of Pcb.

2) Spraying (Also Known As Painting)

a. Phosphating, Passivation And Degreasing On The Surface Of Metal Parts;

b. Spraying Paint Can Also Be Divided Into Mechanical Or Air Atomization As The Main And Electrostatic Atomization As The Auxiliary Combination For Metal And Non-Gold.

It Belongs To Equipment, Furniture, Interior Decoration, Etc.

c. Tablet Coating, Inkjet Printing, Spray Dyeing.

3) Cooling

a. Cooling Towers, Such As Cooling Towers For Circulating Water In Power Plants, Air Intake Cooling Of Ground Gas Turbines (Using Water Film Or Other Coolants);

b. Conveyor Belt Cooling.

4) Fire Prevention

a. Storage Tanks;

b. Drilling Platforms, Etc.

5) Humidification

a. Humidification Of Workshop And Storage Room;

b. Humidification In Textile Workshops And Printing Mills To Prevent Static Electricity.

6) Dust Removal

a. Dust-Pressing And Sprinkler On The Ground Of Garbage Sweeper (Mostly With Narrow-Angle Fan Nozzles);

b. Dust Removal From Cupola;

c. Dust Removal In Coal Mines And Factories (Large Spray Guns Can Also Be Used).

7) Lubrication

a. Lubrication Of Gears, Bearings And Cables;

b. Spray Release Agent;

c. Die Lubrication On Large Forging Press;

d. Lubrication Of Conveyor Belt Or Chain;

8) Gas Regulation

a. Air Conditioning In Washing And Spraying Room;

b.s02 Removal, n02 Control;

c. Washing Gases, Such As Deoxygenation , Etc.

9) Powder (Agent, End) Preparation

a. Chemical, Food, Medicine, Ceramics And Other Powder Products Are Produced In Spray Drying Equipment.

b. Powder Preparation Of Metals, Alloys And Metal Compounds In Powder Metallurgy.

10) Agriculture And Gardens, Such As Agricultural And Forestry Crops Spraying Pesticides And Fertilizers, Nurseries And Gardens Spraying Irrigation, Etc.

11) Daily Life Such As Shower, Hair Spray And Mousse During Haircut, Insecticide Control And Disinfectant Spraying In Various Occasions.

12) High Pressure Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Defoaming, Cooling And Quenching, Water Cooling, Scrubber, Fire Prevention, And Other Surface Cleaning Processes.



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