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Polyurethane Pulley Wheel , PU Rope Sheave Block , Poly Urethane Glide Wheel China Factory Supplier

Polyurethane Pulley Also Named As PU Rope Sheave Block Or Urethane Glide Wheel . It Is a Simple Machine Made Of Wear-Resistant Polyurethane , Used To Lift Heavy Objects And Save Labor .

Due To The Oil Property And Smooth Surface Of Polyurethane , The Working Efficiency Of Polyurethane Pulley Is Higher Than That Of Metal Pulley .

The Density Of Polyurethane Material Is Only 1/7 Of That Of Steel , So The Polyurethane Pulley Is Very Easy To Install And Saves Manpower .

The Wear Resistance Of Polyurethane Elastomer Is More Than 5 Times That Of Common Steel , So Its Service Life Is Longer .

According To Different Environments , JinRuiDa Group Can Design And Produce More Types Of Polyurethane Pulleys For Customers To Choose, Such As Polyurethane Coating Pulleys , General Internal Inlaid Bearings , Which We Call Polyurethane Bearing Pulleys , More Labor-Saving And Time-Saving . The Steel Wheel Polyurethane Pulley Is An Inlaid Steel Wheel With No Bearing . It Is Used In Some Simple Machines And Easy To Install And Operate . Pure Polyurethane Pulley , Without Metal Skeleton , Requires High Hardness And Wear Resistance Of Polyurethane , And Generally Does Not Bear Too Much Weight .

The Polyurethane Pulley Has Grooves Around Its Outer Surface , Which Is A Small Polyurethane Casting Wheels That Can Rotate Around An Axis . It Is a Simple Machine That Can Rotate Around The Central Axis , A Grooved Disc , A Flexible Cable ( Rope , Tape , Cable , Chain , Etc . ) Across The Urethane Disc . It Is Called a PU Pulley .

The Polyurethane Pulley Is a Round Polyurethane Molded Wheels Which Can Rotate Around The Central Axis . There Are Grooves On The Circumferential Surface Of The Round Whee l. Wrap The Rope Around The Groove And Pull Either End Of The Rope By Force . The Friction Between The Rope And The Round Wheel Will Cause The Round Wheel To Rotate Around The Central Axis .

Polyurethane Pulleys Are Actually Deformed , Rotating PU Levers . The Main Functions Of Pulley Are Pulling Load , Changing Direction Of Force , Transmitting Power And So On . The Machinery Consisting Of PU Multiple Pulleys Is Called " Polyurethane Pulley Group " Or " Polyurethane Compound Pulley " . The Mechanical Benefits Of The Pulley Group Are Larger , Which Can Pull Heavier Loads . The Pulley Can Also Be a Component Of Chain Drive Or Belt Drive , Which Transfers Power From One Rotating Shaft To Another .

The Pulley Can Be Divided Into " Polyurethane Fixed Pulley " And " Polyurethane Movable Pulley " According To Whether The Central Axis Of The Pulley Moves Or Not ; The Central Axis Of The Fixed Pulley Is Fixed , And The Central Axis Of The Movable Pulley Can Move , Each With Its Own Advantages And Disadvantages . The Fixed Pulley And The Dynamic Pulley Can Be Assembled Together To Form a Pulley Group , Which Not Only Saves Labor But Also Changes The Direction Of The Force .

Classification, Number

Polyurethane Fixed Pulley , Polyurethane Movable Pulley , Polyurethane Pulley Group ( Or Divided Into Polyurethane Single Pulley , Polyurethane Double Pulley , Polyurethane Triple Pulley , Polyurethane Four Pulley And Polyurethane Multi-Pulley , Etc . ) .


Draw The Load , Change The Direction Of Force , Transmission Power , Etc .

Connection Method

Hook Type , Wheel Type , Ring Type And Chain Type , Cable-Stayed Type , Etc.

Dimensions And Materials

Small Size Pulleys (D < 350mm) With Little Load Are Generally Made Into Solid Polyurethane Pulleys .



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