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Polyurethane Lined Tailing Pipeline ( Urethane , PU ) China Factory Supplier

Polyurethane Lined Tailing Pipeline Refers To The Tailing Slurry Discharged From Non-Ferrous Metal Dressing And Ferrous Metal Dressing, Which Needs To Be Transported To The Tailing Pond For Storage. At Present, The Main Mode Of Transportation In China Is Tailings Pipe.
The Molecular Weight Of Polyurethane Is Very High, Which Has Excellent Comprehensive Properties Such As Wear Resistance, Impact Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Self-Lubricating, Etc. With The Application Of Rotary Forming Technology, The Industrial Continuous Production Of Polyurethane Liner Material Has Been Realized. The Pipe Has The Following Advantages:
(1) Wear Resistance Ranks The Top Of Rubber, 7-10 Times Of Carbon Steel And Stainless Steel;
(2) The Impact Strength Of Rubber Ranks First, Which Is 2 Times Of Pc And 5 Times Of Abs, And Can Be Maintained At Liquid Nitrogen Temperature (- 196 ℃);
(3) Self Lubrication, Anti Adhesion, No Scaling, Low Friction Coefficient, Comparable To Polytetrafluoroethylene ( PTFE );
(4) The Absorption Value Of Impact Energy Is The Highest Among All Rubbers, And It Has The Property Of Silencing;
(5) Chemical Stability Is Good, In a Certain Range Of Temperature And Concentration Can Withstand a Variety Of Corrosive Media And Organic Media;
(6) It Has Excellent Low Temperature Resistance And Ductility At Liquid Helium Temperature (- 269 ℃);
(7) Excellent Internal Pressure Resistance, Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance And Rapid Cracking Resistance;
(8)Hygienic, Non-Toxic, Can Contact With Food And Medicine.
For The Mining Of Coal Mine, Chemical Mine, Iron Mine, Non-Ferrous Metal Mine And Non-Metallic Mine, a Large Number Of Pipes Are Used For Slurry Transportation In The Concentrator, Such As Raw Ore Pipe, Tailings Pipe, Concentrate Pipe, Flotation System Pipe, Etc. The Solid-Liquid Mixture Such As Flotation Feed, Flotation Concentrate And Heavy Medium Suspension Produced By Coal Washing In Coal Preparation Plant Shall Be Transported By Pipeline. According To Statistics, The Service Life Of Concentrate Pipe For Slurry Transportation Is 150000h, The Shortest Time Of Original Tailings Pipe Is 6000h, The Longest Time Of Mortar Filling Pipe Is 6000h, And The Longest Time Is 1000h. At Present, Steel Pipes Are Mostly Used For Tailings And Concentrate Transportation In China's Concentrators. As The Pulp Contains About 30% Of Iron Ore, The Steel Pipes Are Severely Worn. Their Service Life Is Only 1-2a, And They Need To Be Turned 90 ° Every Half Year. The Workload Is Very Large.

The Treatment Of Coke Powder, Ore Powder, Pulp And Smelting Waste Slag In Metallurgical Industry Also Involves a Large Number Of Pipeline Transportation. For Example, a Beneficiation Plant Of Ge Iron And Steel Co., Ltd. Has a Transportation Pipeline For Cleaning Various Minerals Of Up To 60km Long. The Most Worn Parts Usually Need To Be Replaced Once a Few Weeks, And The Rest Of The Pipelines Need To Be Turned Over Every Short Time. The Workload Is Conceivable. China Is a Big Coal And Mining Country, With More Than 90000 Coal Mines. According To Incomplete Statistics, Wear-Resistant Plastic Mining Pipe Is Required About 20000 t Every Year. If It Is Widely Used, The Annual Demand Is More Than 40000 t, Which Can Save 200000 t Of Steel. According To The Report, The Federal Environmental Protection Commission Of The United States Stipulates That The Mining Industry, Especially The Operation Of Mineral Sand Drainage, Should Use Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipes.



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