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Polyurethane Lined Dredging Pipeline ( Urethane , PU ) China Factory Supplier

Polyurethane Lined Dredging Pipeline Is Mainly Used For River Sludge Removal, Seawater Irrigation, Sludge Transportation And Other Projects. It Has Strong Low Temperature Resistance, High Ring Steel And Tensile Strength.
The Polyurethane Lined Dredging Pipeline Produced By Jinruida Company Has The Following Advantages:
1. High Wear Resistance, Polyurethane Has The Best Wear Resistance. The Higher The Molecular Weight, The More Wear Resistance. The Abrasion Resistance Of Polyurethane Pipe Produced By Our Company Is 7 Times Higher Than That Of Q235 Steel, And 2.7 Times Higher Than That Of Manganese 13 Steel, And The Conveying Efficiency Is Increased By More Than 20%.
2. Quick Installation. Polyurethane Pipe Is Light In Weight, Convenient In Transportation And Installation, And Does Not Need Large-Scale Mechanical Construction. The Length Of Each Section Of Polyurethane Pipe Can Be Made According To The User's Needs.
3. Wave Impact Resistance. The Wave Impact Resistance Of Polyurethane Pipe Ranks First In Rubber. It Is Difficult To Crack Whether It Is Under Strong External Impact Or Internal Pressure Fluctuation. Its Impact Strength Is 10 Times Of Nylon 66, 20 Times Of U-Pvc, 8 Times Of Polytetrafluoroethylene And 5 Times Of Pe. In The Low Temperature Environment, The Impact Resistance Is More Excellent And Has Strong Flexibility.
4.High Ring Steel And Tensile Strength. Polyurethane Pipe Can Stand The Impact Of Wind And Waves On Water.
5. Low Water Resistance Coefficient, Small Friction Resistance And High Conveying Efficiency. The Inner Wall Of Polyurethane Pipe Is Smooth, And The Roughness Coefficient Is 0.00016-0.00022, Which Is 100 Times Smaller Than That Of Steel Pipe (0.015-0.02), Which Improves The Transportation Efficiency.
6. Good Corrosion Resistance: Polyurethane Pipe Is a Kind Of Saturated Molecular Group Structure, So Its Chemical Stability Is Very High. It Can Withstand The Corrosion Of Various Corrosive Media (Acid, Alkali, Salt And Sea Water) And Organic Solvents Within a Certain Range Of Temperature And Concentration.
7. Non Toxic, Tasteless And Environmentally Friendly. Polyurethane Pipes Will Not Be Eaten By Shellfish, Fungi And Other Microorganisms In The Sea Or Sewage, And Will Not Produce Scale And Microbial Growth.
8. Excellent Low Temperature Resistance. Polyurethane Pipe Still Has Good Toughness And High Strength At - 70 ℃. It Can Be Used In The Range Of - 70 ℃ - 80 ℃ For a Long Time.
9. Good Aging Resistance. Polyurethane Pipe Has Stable Performance And Good Aging. It Can Be Used On Water Or Ground.
10. Good Long-Term Comprehensive Benefit And Low Use Cost
Comprehensive Benefits

Construction Investment, Installation Cost, Operation And Maintenance Cost, Service Life, Energy Saving And Other Factors Form Long-Term Benefits. The Utility Model Has The Advantages Of High Efficiency, Especially The Larger The Pipe Diameter, The Lower The Cost.



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