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  • Polyurethane Lined A53 Carbon Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU )
Polyurethane Lined A53 Carbon Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU )

Polyurethane Lined A53 Carbon Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU )

  • Connection:Flange
  • Pipe Materials:A 53
  • PU Liner: 90 Shore A
  • Max Length: 6000MM
  • Product description: Polyurethane Lined A53 Carbon Steel Pipe ( Urethane & PU ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : office@polyurethanelinedpipe.com . 90 Shore A Polyurethane Line

The Reason Why Carbon Steel Pipes Are Chosen As Polyurethane-Lined Skeleton Pipes Is To Save Costs. Because After The Polyurethane Lining Inside The Steel Pipe, It Completely Prevents The Direct Contact Between The Steel Pipe And The Air. On The Premise That The Polyurethane Lining Plays a Role Of Wear Resistance, The Polyurethane Lining Also Plays a Role In Preventing Corrosion Inside The Steel Pipe.

All Polyurethane Lined Steel Pipes Will Be Sprayed With Anti Corrosive Paint Before Installation To Prevent The Pipe From Contacting With Air Outside, So As To Achieve The Purpose Of Anti Corrosion. The Corrosion Damage Caused By Rust Is Completely Avoided In The Use Of The Steel Pipe Wrapped Inside And Outside.

Carbon Steel Pipe Only Provides Load Bearing And Pressure Function When Conveying Medium, And Wear Function Is Provided By Inner Polyurethane Lining. Perfect Cooperation Makes Lining Polyurethane Pipeline Play a Very High Role In The Wear And Tear Pipeline Industry.

In Addition: A53 Carbon Steel Pipe Is a General Pipeline Material In The International Wear Resistant Polyurethane Lined Pipe Industry.




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